Building Ruckus our Shellback Dinghy
at WoodenBoat School
Brooklin, ME Summer 98

(Click on any picture to see a larger version)

1. Inserting screws in the first plank at the beginning of day 2 2. Todd Skoog our instructor helps out with screws on the transom
3. Nancy making measurements for adding the middle plank. 4. Adding a piece of molding to check the angle needed for the top plank.
5. Finish work on the top plank. This one has to have a rabbit cut so the plank doesn't overlap, but instead is even with the other planks. 6.  Nancy sanding bottom before turning the boat over.
7.  Todd helping to take apart the mold we constructed to build the boat on. 8.  Beginning to shape and fit the breastplate.
9.  Nancy sanding the inside of the boat. 10.  Nancy epoxying the daggerboard trunk
11. Uncertain, but probably trying to get a little praise for what a good job I'd done on the seats 12. The caravan of boats stopped at Todd's house as we left Saturday. Ours is the last car. There were actually six finished boats.
13. The boat comes back home. Lots of work yet to do. 14.  Jump to 12 months later ane we're rigging our Shellback.
15. Nancy is probably pointing out that my rigging doesn't look much like the example in the Shellback book. 16. Finished "Ruckus" 3 days before the John Gardner Small Craft Workshop at Mystic Seaport. Still had to get a trailer hitch, trailer, and test to see if she would sail.


17.  This is Tom Gillung sailing Ruckus at Mystic Seaport just before he earned his nickname - "Crash". The strange color in the sky is because the camera went under water shortly after this picture.    

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